In this latest viral video from South Korea, a young woman is seen defending a grandmother from an enraged bus passenger. Koreans are praising her brave and quick actions against injustice.

When the grandmother sat down next to the angry woman on the bus, the woman started yelling for her to move seats. The grandmother didn't at first move, causing the woman to start swearing. Even more shocking, the woman then gets up and hits the grandmother in the face, even though she had already moved seats. Thankfully, a young woman stepped up and did her best to restrain the hostile passenger.

This girl is now affectionately referred to as "Candy Girl" because she was sucking on a lollipop throughout the video.

Be sure to watch the full video of the incident below. 

Pretty crazy, right? Can you believe this happened? I feel like this is a scene straight from a drama, but unfortunately it was real life. What do you think about the girl's actions to stop the fight? Please share your thoughts below.

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