Students at Sookmyung Women’s University were in for a special treat when Cheese in the Trap co-stars Park Hae Jin and Nam Joo Hyuk held a special free hug event at their school. Previously Park Hae Jin had promised to hold such an event if the ratings went over five percent, which the show later accomplished starting on episode three. Park Hae Jin and Nam Joo Hyuk held their event for an hour, giving hugs to any of the people who lined up for the event. Check out their adorable hugs below!

It looks like everyone had a great time, especially the fans!

Aren't those fans lucky? If you could get a hug from any of the Cheese in the Trap stars, who would you choose? Share your thoughts below!


Cheese in the Trap

Starring Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin

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