A new PSA entitled Wedding Plan was released December 18 by Queer Comrades, China's only LGBT-advocacy media channel. It is a short drama about a couple getting ready for marriage, but with an interesting twist. It is also nicely subtitled in English.

Wedding Plan starts with a happy couple planning to get married, and its twist comes at the end of the drama when the couple meets the groom's mother. The message is simple but powerful, and reminds us about the pressure faced by China's young people who seek love but also feel the need to conform to conventional standards.

Wedding Plan is directed by acclaimed Asian Canadian filmmaker Quentin Lee, who has directed and produced many other projects such as White Frog and Chink. Quentin is renowned for having defied the stereotypical image of an Asian in Hollywood and made films with non-conventional topics.

According to Queer Comrades, it is China's only non-profit LGBT webcast. It seeks to raise awareness and understanding in China about LGBT culture and issues through various venues such as online media productions and open discussions.