The song Little Apple from a music video made by the Chopsticks Brothers has taken China by storm ever since its release. This is also the song used in the hilarious parody video starring Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un that North Korea wants erased from the internet. But the adventures of grass root talent and music duo Chopsticks Brothers didn't start with, or will it end with this unique music video.

This MV is actually a promotional short for a new movie called Old Boy: The Way Of The Dragon. Without any marquee stars or a big budget, the movie with a unique mix of comedy, action and music became a blockbuster within 4 days of its release despite strong competition from such big name movies as Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Xiao Yang and Wang Taili, who team up as the Chopsticks Brothers, rose to fame when their 42-minute micro-film called Old Boys went viral after it was posted to the Youkou video portal site in 2010. The story of two struggling young musicians deeply touched a chord with the Chinese generation that grew up in the 1980s. When their micro-film got over 75 million views, Youkou decided to invest in making a feature film version with the Chopsticks Brothers. The path from micro-film to full-feature film has actually unleashed a revolutionary trend in the movie-making industry in China, and Chopsticks Brothers Xiao and Wang have seen their dream come true.

Here's the promotional MV, Little Apple, with Chopsticks Brothers. It's interesting to note that the story in the MV is more of a spoof on the movie's plot about the two musicians traveling to New York to seek success. There is no explanation why some of the dialogue is in Korean. But don't worry, this MV is subbed in English.

Just like the craze for Korean musician Psy's Gangnam Style, the fervor for Little Apple has also excited people to create imitation videos or perform flash dances using the catchy song with an upbeat tempo. Here are some really fun ones!

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Shanghai girl dancing in front of landmarks with a funny behind-the-scene segment at the end:

The song sung in Japanese in a fan-made version:

Flash dance inside Qingdao University:

When asked why they used an apple as the motif for their song, songwriter Wang Taili answered simply that apples are full of nutritional value and are good for one's health. The initial song only took 3 or 4 days to write, but then it took them 38 revisions to finally simplify the song to its current form to make it an easy to sing and dance to. Wang said that he's actually an optimistic person and wanted a happy song.

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