How hilarious is Choi Ji Woo in the latest teasers for Twenty Again? As if the first teasers didn't already set a fun tone, we now get to see even more of her interactions as she faces off against her husband and has a hilarious run-in with her first love. Take a look!

In Twenty Again, Choi Ji Woo plays Ha No Ra, a woman who had a child at nineteen and spends her life as a devoted wife and mother. Once her son goes off to college, she decides to go back to school as well, much to the chagrin of her husband and son. 

The first of the new trailers shows Choi Won Young, who plays Ha No Ra's professor husband. He looks down on his wife for being uneducated and eventually asks for a divorce. The clip shows his response when she suddenly shows up as a student at the university where he teaches:

In the second clip, we get to see Lee Sang Yoon, who plays an art teacher at the same university who just so happens to be No Ra's first love. When she suddenly disappeared one day without a word, he was never able to recover. What happens when she suddenly re-appears all those years later?

Wasn't that second clip so funny? Choi Ji Woo looks like she's in top comedic form here! Twenty Again premieres on August 28 on DramaFever. Sign up for new episode alerts HERE!