To commemorate the release of a Jackie Chan DVD Collection, a trio of Japanese comics competed in the "I Love Jackie Championship," where they face offed by re-enacting their favorite scenes.

Of the three groups of competitors, only one will be crowned the true champion. The winner will forever be able to lay claim to loving Jackie Chan the most. The rules of the tournament are simple: Each group will re-enact their favorite scenes from a Jackie Chan movie. Attention will be paid to detail. And they're comedians, so they have to be funny.

This championship battle was broadcasted live on Niconico, a video sharing site, and viewers can still vote on who they think loves Jackie the most through Twitter or Facebook. With the younger generation in Japan not being very familiar with old Jackie Chan movies, the hope is that they'll watch their favorite comedians pretending to be Jackie and become so curious that they'll buy the DVD collection. Unfortunately, you have to register and become a premium member on Niconico to watch the show.

But here's a preview for all on YouTube: