Danson Tang and Li Jia Ying's escalator kiss in episode 15 of Murphy's Law of Love is praised as one of the best kisses not only for its hotness but also for the length of time it took. Watch what fans call the "longest kiss ever" video and read what Danson and Jia Ying said about their hot kiss. 

As the scene began, Jia Wei (Danson Tang) and Xiao Tong (Li Jia Ying) stepped onto the long escalator at a shopping mall. Jia Wei was in a particularly happy mood and couldn't resist kissing Xiao Tong. 

The gentle background music is Rachel Lui singing "What Is the Shape of Your Love."

Watch the video, but remember to breathe even if they didn't:

It was a bright sunny day when the kiss scene was filmed, and it was especially hot with the sunlight shining through the transparent glass enclosing the escalator. The couple rode up and down many times to get the right shots. Even before the scene was completed, they were both sweating so much that Danson joked that it was really a very "wet kiss."  Jia Ying said one could practically wring water out of their clothes.

Danson added that he was concerned that they would get too dizzy while riding up and down, stop and go, on the long escalator. Because he was a lot taller than Li Jia Ying, this scene was designed for him to stand on a lower step to make them better matched.

Danson later posted the following photos and wrote this:

"Almost got half-baked and dizzy after spending much of the day filming inside the tube-like escalator. Luckily we finished this very important scene."

Did you read between the lines like I did? It sounded like they kissed a lot longer than the final 2 minutes presented on screen.

Meanwhile, the two stars' strong chemistry on screen and friendship off the screen have led fans to wish for a real-life romance between Danson Tang and Li Jia Ying.

Find out what happens next in Murphy's Law of Love.

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By the way, the shopping mall is Big City, a huge and fancy shopping destination located in Hsinchu city. It was also used as the department store owned by Kingone Wang in the romance drama Someone Like You.

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