The holiday season is sweeter with the romantic movie Fall In Love Like a Star, starring Yang Mi and Li Yifeng as ex-lovers who meet again when one has risen to be a star and the other is working as an agent for celebrities. The charming tale has already delighted many fans. It also presents a new opportunity to learn Chinese words used in a playful way to add symbolic meaning to the cute movie.

You may have noticed on the movie poster that the Chinese title is 怦然星动 (pronounced as Peng Ran Xing Dong), which literally means "when a star is attracted to move."

It's actually a play on a traditional phrase 怦然 (pronounced as Peng Rang Xin Dong). See the third character from the left is ? It means "Heart."

Therefore, the original phrase means "when the heart is attracted to flutter."

(Star) and (Heart) are not precise homophones, but they sound almost exactly alike, even to native speakers. Substituting "Star" for "Heart" is particularly meaningful here because our cute romance is about a star falling in love with his non-celebrity agent.

The play on stars and hearts doesn't stop with the movie title. There's more!

Li Yifeng, one of the hottest Chinese actors, plays Su Xingyu, 星宇. Did you notice the middle character (Star) in his name? Xingyu is the young man who rose to be a star after years of struggle. Unfortunately, the journey to stardom cost him his true love.

Yang Mi plays Tian Xin, 田心. You've got it if you've noticed  (Heart) in her name. Tian Xin has always loved Xingyu, and she was his first and most loyal fan when he was just a poor trainee with a dream.

It's wonderful to see the double meaning when the star finds love with his beloved heart. 

Will it last forever?

That's it for the language study for today. It's time to add romance to your holiday enjoyment.


Fall in Love Like a Star

Starring Yang Mi and Li Yifeng

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