What's even more adorable than the cute boys of K-pop group EXO? The cute boys of EXO + the cute babies of The Return of Superman! In the latest episode of the fun reality series featuring celebrity dads and their kids, EXO members Chen and Xiumin took a break to play with the So Da siblings, and the footage will make your heart burst with sweetness! Here are the top 3 moments. 

1. When Chen meets his lookalike Da Eul for the first time: 

2. When Chen carries little Da Eul through the hallway and they run into the beautiful I.O.I girls: 

3. When So Eul gives her pretty hair clip to Xiumin and he wears it the rest to the day: 

I now give your ovaries permission to explode! Aren't they the cutest?

You can catch the full episode here on DramaFever:


The Return of Superman

Starring Tablo (Sun Woong Lee) and Lee Hwi Jae

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