From ripped pants to lost shoes, K-pop idols are no strangers to wardrobe issues, but a hilarious incident at EXO's recent concert in Macau may take the "exposure accident" cake for involving the most members at once! 

On November 21, EXO was performing as part of their EXO Planet #2 - The Exolution concert when they stepped behind a paper screen for a wardrobe change between sets. Unfortunately for them, the paper screen tore and fell down, exposing the shirtless idols to their screaming fans. The video gets funnier with every second as more and more of the screen falls down until Baekhyun eventually saves the day by jumping out front and dancing as a distraction. Watch the entire situation unfold below:

I love how every member reacts differently to the mishap, with some immediately running away and others just standing there and continuing to sing like nothing happened. Overall, though, Baekhyun wins for being the fastest on his feet (both literally and figuratively) and jumping in with his impromptu dance number!

What did you think of this "exposure accident"? Based on the crowd's screams, it sounds like the EXO-L at the concert didn't mind! Share your thoughts in the comments!

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