Yikes! Can you imagine that as you are driving on the freeway, a car in front of you has a terrible accident causing it to completely flip over? This is what happened to a Taiwanese couple as they were driving, and it was all captured on their car CCTV.

The video begins with a couple driving and talking in their car on a beautiful day with a bright blue sky outside. They have a video camera installed in their car, so we see what they see as they are driving forward.

At first they are just chatting away about family stuff. A car passes in front of them and moves further away. They continue to chat. All of a sudden, they see the car in front of them losing control, sliding, and hitting the guard rail, eventually flipping right in front of them.

Fortunately there is enough distance between them and the other car, so they are able to miss the rolled over car and pass it by. (My only question is why they don't stop and render aid as drivers are supposed to do.) The man tells the woman to quickly dial 1-1-9 (that's the 9-1-1 in Taiwan.)

According to the Taiwanese report, the 28-year old driver of the other car lost control while avoiding another car. The incredibly good news is, all five passengers, including a baby, survived.