She Was Pretty is such a lovable romance comedy that it's been on our most popular Top 10 shows from week to week. Much of the hilarious interaction between the characters doesn't just happen on air. Watch how actors Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon, and Super Junior Choi Siwon also surprise you behind the scenes in these 4 fully English-subbed clips.

Video #1 - Hwang Jung Eum reports to first day of shooting and gets a new hairstyle:

Wasn't that funny about the overweight box? 

Video #2 - Park Seo Joon shoots in front of the elevator but misses Taeyeon of Girls' Generation, who walks in behind him:

Did you realize how tall Park Seo Joon is?

Video #3 - Park Seo Joon lies down to prep for a sleep scene and actually falls asleep:

Wasn't that funny that camera rolled when he was sound asleep? 

Video #4 - Siwon stays in character and chases after Park Seo Joon. What does he want to know?

I wonder what else they talk about behind the scenes.

Are you glad to see the actors enjoying their work on She Was Pretty? This romcom is such a rare treasure that I already know that I want to watch it again.

What are your favorites scenes so far? Watch the series below!

 ~ NancyZdramaland