Late summer is the time to go back to school. Some of you are excited for a new change and some of you are figuring out how to continue watching K-dramas, but hardly anyone will be as surprised as the son whose mother is going to attend college with him. Check out this funny behind-the-scenes footage showing Choi Ji Woo and Lee Sang Yoon from the new drama Twenty Again, which starts on Friday, August 28.

#1 Video: 

(I love that quick-paced background music from the opening theme of the movie Pulp Fiction.)

#2 Video:

(Choi Ji Woo runs into her first love who is now a college professor. I know, this doesn't happen to me, ever, especially when he is Lee Sang Yoon.)

#3 Video:

(It looks like Choi Ji Woo is chasing after Lee Sang Yoon. Who wouldn't?)

The behind-the-scene footage shows the actors and crew having fun filming Twenty Again.

For me, I'll fantasize about Lee Sang Yoon and his dimples as I watch the new drama.

Are you ready to watch this new comedy drama and relive school days?

~ NancyZdramaland

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