Marukome is one of Japan's premiere miso paste companies, producing almost 15% of the country's miso supply. They've recently started producing some Ghibli-like animated TV commercials for their products, and the latest one is leaving quite the impression on Japanese viewers. It's about as heartwarming as an advertisement can get, and we have it right here for you on Dramafever.

The 90-second extended version of the commercial is a wonderful, short animation that does more than just try to sell consumers miso paste. The story is about an elderly woman and her formerly wayward son, who lives in Tokyo with his wife and little boy. When the woman gets off at Tokyo station after a long train ride into the city, she is picked up by her now grown-up son. She tells him of her plans to stay at her friend's house, but her son blows her off and insists that she stays with him. 

What ends up happening when grandma visits her son's household is what has many Japanese viewers in tears. I won't give away the ending, but it really is a beautiful little story about family, the passing of time, and life. Hope you enjoy it, too.