This video is sure to warm your heart! When famous Singaporean singer JJ Lin overheard a street performer in Taipei singing one of his songs, he couldn’t help but cheer him on and even decided to join in. The video of JJ Lin performing has already gone on to receive almost 7 million views on his Facebook page in just a few short days.

The video starts by JJ Lin talking about how he was just doing some shopping with some friends when he stumbled upon the performer singing his song "Jiang Nan," or "South River." No one realized he was there at first, but when JJ Lin started singing, a surprised crowd instantly assembled. Such a cool experience!

Check out the video below!

Here's another perspective of the duet! This time it's from someone who was filming from the side as it was happening.

JJ Lin is known for his great vocals and even collaborated with CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa on the song "Checkmate." 

The original version of the song "Jiang Nan" can be found here!

Pretty cool, right? What do you think of the spontaneous performance? Share your thoughts below!

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