Earlier this week, all-girl K-pop band Twice released a new video for their album title track "TT" on Youtube. But among those viewers are many who seemed to find offense to the video's overt sexuality, while others obviously found nothing of the sort. Despite the controversy, or maybe because of it, the new video has garnered over 20 million views in a matter of days.

We are all accustomed to watching sexual music videos, but when the performers are an all-girl K-pop band, it suddenly becomes contentious. Twice, a popular band formed in 2015, is made up of nine girls. With a few hits under their belt, they are quickly becoming one of Korea's premiere girl bands, but now they've caused quite a stir, and this time it's not for their music. On October 23rd, Twice released a much video on YouTube, which has upset some fans for its sexual symbolism in the words and in the choreographed moves.

Apparently, some folks found the title of the song, "TT," to be offensive, claiming it sounded too much like "tits." To Filipinos, "TT," when spoken, means "penis." Others didn't like the dance moves, as they found them sexually suggestive. But as we all know, there will always be haters, everywhere you go, no matter what you do. Most fans have no problem with Twice and their new video, and they made sure to support the band with their comments. Either way, the more controversy that surrounds them, the better it is for Twice. 

Check out the video below. What do you think?

Twice will be on After School Club this Wednesday! Make sure you catch them!


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