Sanrio, creator of Hello Kitty, has created the weirdest character you've probably ever seen. She's called KIRIMI, which literally means "slice of fish," or fillet. Not only is KIRIMI a cute character, she's actually has a record deal with Universal Music.

KIRIMI is a salmon fillet, and she has 85,000 twitter followers. 100 people a day join her twitter. She is a finalist for Sanrio's "Character of the Year" award. She is climbing the stairs of success. And on September 3rd, her second single, "KIRIMIchan's Song," goes on sale.

Following her hit indie debut single, KIRIMI chan's Song - Eat Me Deliciously, she was signed by Universal Music, the largest music company in the world. The song is called Magical KIRIMI! She's obviously an artist. Lady Gaga wearing meat has nothing on her. KIRIMI is meat!

This is only the chorus, but just wait for September 3rd.