Japan has more game arcades than anywhere I've ever been in my life, many so large they take up entire buildings. Playing games is a constant craze in Japanese culture, and because of this, the players themselves are some of the most "skilled" in the world at what they do. One such salaryman was filmed playing a popular drumming game, and his dance moves while beating the drums have quickly turned him into an internet sensation. 

This video you're about to see was taken at a game arcade somewhere in Japan, and it shows a man who's playing a game where you have to beat the taiko drums according to the rhythms given to you on an animated screen. Usually, people just stand there and beat the drums. But this man — he takes it to a whole other level. 

What better way to spend 100 yen (about 1.20 dollars) than having the time of your life? By the looks of this man's dance moves, he's having fun, releasing stress, and getting quite the workout to boot. He's alone, but obviously not the type to be embarrassed or care about what others think of him. But now his dance moves have gone viral, and everyone thinks he's awesome!

Just another day in a Japanese city. . .