The Japanese macaque, otherwise known as the Japanese snow monkey, is famous throughout the world for their love of visiting natural hot springs in the cold winter months, often seen grooming each other while soaking in the thermal baths of the north. Just recently, a television commercial starring one of these adorable monkeys hit the air waves in Japan, and it's just about the cutest and most heartwarming commercial you'll ever see.

To advertise the SPA OTEMACHI FITNESS CLUB, which is scheduled to open in May of this year in the Otemachi district of central Tokyo, the folks over at real estate developing company Mitsubishi Estate decided to produce a commercial with a Japanese snow monkey as its star. The fitness club, which is set to open within the Otemachi Financial Center, will house a large hot spring with natural water, known as an onsen, something the city-dwellers of Tokyo are sure to appreciate. With numerous health benefits due to the mineral content of the baths, millions of Japanese travel every year to the countryside for the sole purpose of relaxing in the numerous natural hot springs of Japan, which has an estimated 118 active volcanoes throughout the country.

But come May, having to travel to the country will no longer be necessary to soak in a hot natural bath. The onsen at SPA OTEMACHI FITNESS CLUB will be 100% natural, and so relaxing that even a snow monkey from the mountains of the north of Japan will leave his group and take a trip to Tokyo, all alone, just so he can soak in the hot springs right smack in the middle of the big city. And if his expression bathing in the onsen at the end of the commercial is any indication, busy Tokyoites are in for a life-changing luxury in just a few more months.

Otemachi (buildings in the fore)

Otemachi Financial Center

Hot spring water