You are one lucky individual if you can actually say with conviction that you enjoy doing your job, whatever that job may be. Just a few days ago, a traffic controller dancing his way through his shift was caught on camera in Japan, and now the unidentified Michael Jackson of road safety has fans driving from afar just so they can see him in action.

Standing in the middle of the road for eight hours or more and controlling traffic is not most people's idea of a fun job, but a young man in Japan whose job description is exactly that was filmed dancing and having what looked like the time of his life, all while making sure vehicles passed without incident. He's obviously mastered his craft, probably a highly skilled traffic controller, who could take his skills anywhere in the world. I'm sure he could regulate traffic in his sleep.  But one concerning thing about him is that his dance moves are so awesome that drivers are apt to watch him while they're driving, which means their eyes aren't on the road. Uh-oh.

And sometimes, just sometimes, it looks like he actually gets in the way. But what are you going to do? When you want to dance, you just want to dance.

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