Jessica Jung is setting celebrity life goals! The former Girls Generation member is already attracting the masses with her preview of her first music video as a solo artist. Yesterday, Coridel Entertainment uploaded the short teaser for her upcoming "Fly" MV on YouTube, and it has already surpassed 278,000 views at the time of this article! In the teaser, the 27-year-old star lounges in a bathtub in the middle of a desert. She reads a book until a postcard falls out of it and catches her eye.

The video itself is so puzzling! Viewers have to imagine what type of concept she is going for. Will she create a sexy dance video in the desert, or have a fantasy mirage backdrop? 

Over the weekend, her agency also released the track list for her upcoming solo project via their official Facebook. The lovely idol played a big part in the production of her album. For "Fly" alone, the Jessica & Krystal star wrote the lyrics and was involved in the composition.

Jessica seems to be doing it all as a TV host, businesswoman and idol. She is definitely succeeding! Are you excited for Jessica to branch out on her own as a solo artist? 

You can watch her reality show with her sister Krystal from f(x) beginning this Sunday on DramaFever! Add it to your queue now!


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