As teased from Monday’s episode starring Park Hae Jin, the latest installment of 7 First Kisses has Ji Chang Wook playing a role he does best: secret agent. While the series is essentially a Lotte Duty Free commercial done K-drama-style, this episode was less obvious on the brand advertising. Paired with the Healer and The K2 actor’s natural fit in the role, it’ll make you momentarily forget you are watching a CF. At the end of the action-packed 11 minutes, we get a sneak peek at EXO’s Kai (Choco Bank)!

During the promotion of his most recent drama The K2, Ji shared his wishes not to do another action drama due to the muscle pains that he suffers from the strenuous training for and performance of the physical scenes. Unfortunately for him, his part in the web series requires action. Ji playfully said at the 7 First Kisses press conference: “I requested to change the scenario a bit but they refused to budge. I was a little disappointed. I’m the only one here who has action scenes.”

Here’s the English-subbed video from Lotte Duty Free’s official YouTube account right below. Please note: If you are having trouble viewing the video, please click here.

What do you think about the theme song of the show “Kissing you”? Ji sings it! 


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