It was recently announced that the crew of Avengers: Age of Ultron would film a significant portion of the movie in South Korea. Living up to his reputation as a great director, Joss Whedon recently sent out a considerate video message to Korean citizens who would be impacted by the filming.

Joss Whedon released this apology video titled "Thank You Greeting" before the official filming start date of March 30th in Seoul.

South Korea has never given this level of cooperation to film crews before, and is shutting down multiple streets and bridges for the occasion. Though this will disrupt daily life for many people, the majority think it's a good thing for the country according to an MBN television poll that recorded 55.8 percent of those polled as saying that they support the filming. About 20 minutes of the movie will feature footage shot in Seoul, South Korea. Additionally, the Korean actress Kim Soo Hyun will play a significant character as the doctor scientist friend of Tony Stark.