The beauty of being around kids is that a lot of times they offer solutions to everyday problems that are too simple for over-thinking adults to even notice. And that's truly the amazing part of this Action Against Hunger video called "The Sharing Experiment." 

The video shows two kids in a room sitting side-by-side with plates in front of them. The experiment administrator tells the kids she's going to go get a camera, but in the meantime, they can have whatever is on their plate in front of them. The children open the lids to reveal that one person has a sandwich and the other doesn't.

Without even missing a beat, the children who have a sandwich rip off a part and hand it to the kids next to them. Obviously this video is by no means a foolproof scientific experiment, but it does serve as a beautiful metaphor of how we can do more to help world hunger. An estimated 805 million people are still struggling with the issue of world hunger, while 3.5 million die each year from a lack of food. 

So if this video gets us to do just a little more, it's a huge success. 

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