Kim Hyun Joong is back and blonder than ever! His new mini album, titled Timing, wasrecently released, and so was the video for his latest single, "Beauty Beauty!"

Now, it’s always lovely to see KHJ because he’s hot, and he’ll always be hot no matter what his latest “concept” is, but I just CAN'T with this new video! First of all, I wanted to hit my laptop screen because I was waiting way too long for him to take off those annoying sunglasses, and then there was no outfit change!

How do you have a 5 minute video and your name is Kim Hyun Joong and you never change your outfit?! That’s totally unacceptable, especially when you have that whole feel-good, surfer style music thing going on. The least you could have done was take off the jean shirt.

Anyway, his hair looks great, he’s hot, and this song actually reminds me of his 2011 single "Lucky Guy." You might not like it at first, but eventually if you listen to it enough, it’ll grow on you...maybe.

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Should KHJ have taken his sunglasses off earlier? Were you fine with no outfit change?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE