Why is Kim Soo Hyun asking for IU's phone number? I would jump at the chance to give him my own number. In the new Producer drama, a cute scene occurred between Kim Soo Hyun and IU when they met in the rain, and sparks flew as the usually quiet Seung Chan (Kim Soo Hyun) actually initiated talking with the "ice princess" Cindy, played by IU. Take a look!

A little background is helpful if you haven't had the chance to watch the new drama.

Baek Seung Chan is a newbie producer in the variety show department, and he's been browbeaten and frustrated for the past few days. He previously first met Cindy, a popular pop singer, when Gong Hyo Jin was trying to get Cindy to change her racy outfit for a live performance. The moody Cindy appears to be suffering frustrations of her own under long-term pressures from the entertainment business and is on a rebellious track.

Here, Seung Chan notices Cindy when it's raining and she doesn't have an umbrella. Watch what he does next:

It's a funny moment when he immediately tested the phone number. Of course she gave him a wrong number! This is where Seung Chan really came out of his shell. He's persistent yet courteous, and manages to get her real phone number. Good for you, Seung Chan!

Eventually, Cindy left with the umbrella to go... where? The audience will find out, and it's quite interesting because we know her assistant didn't find her.

The new Producer drama with a stellar ensemble cast has generated high interest in Korea and abroad. I like the experimental nature, but I also adore this cute scene between Kim Soo Hyun and IU, The chemistry is strong between the characters who live in two different universes where they don't usually meet and connect.

Hopefully the underlying sparks will light up more romance, because I'm on Team Cindy, at least for now. Did you like the video? Do you think there's more romance to come between the two lonesome souls?

~ NancyZdramaland