If you are missing Kim Soo Hyun, the star man from Producer and My Love From Another Star, Cuckoo has a cute solution to satisfy your hunger for both the adorable star and fluffy rice. Take a look at Kim Soo Hyun's new commercials for Cuckoo rice cooker. 

Video #1: (Short version)

If that was too short for you, here is

Video #2: (longer version)

Kim Soo Hyun's rice looks extra yummy, doesn't it?

It turnes out that Cuckoo Co. is a South Korean electronics company that is a leading global distributor of rice cookers with sales of over 3 million rice cookers a year. Kim Soo Hyun's positive image and endorsement will likely add a lot to the sales. (I even found the cookers HERE too.)

Watching Kim Soo Hyun's cute commercials definitely makes me hungry. How about you?

Watch Kim Soo Hyun as a special guest host at KCON 2015 below!

~ NancyZdramaland