Who would have guessed an umbrella could be a romantic tool of choice to attract a girl's attention? First he got her phone number with the help of a timely umbrella; now watch how Producer's Seung Chan (Kim Soo Hyun) catches Cindy's (IU) full attention with his warm gaze under the umbrella. 

Last week we saw on Producer how Seung Chan loaned his umbrella to idol singer Cindy and even got her phone number. When his boss and co-workers on the variety show team gave him a "mission impossible" to get hold of Cindy, that phone number came in handy. He was able to persuade Cindy to be on their show.

Through sheer chance, or perhaps K-drama's hand of fate, Cindy finds herself on the same team as Seung Chan, and they were assigned to trek through a mountain trail. It was getting dark. Thunder rolled and rain started falling. Cindy was tired, and you could tell she was at the edge of her limits. 

Watch what happens next:

I could watch this video again and again. The way he gazed at her intently while reaching out with one hand to shield her head and the other to pick up the umbrella was timed perfectly at a tender pace, very gentle and very quietly adorable.

The gentle and warmhearted Seung Chan is about to melt the "Ice Princess" Cindy's heart. Perhaps he won't melt it all at once, but you know he's raising the temperature up a huge notch.

I see the chemistry between Kim Soo Hyun and IU continue to sparkle in the darkest night, and I want their characters to nurture a growing friendship into romance.

I don't want Seung Chan to go back to his first love who didn't even remember his name. I don't want him to fall for Gong Hyo Jin's producer Ye Ji who tries to negotiate on the money she owes him every time they meet. I want him to keep shielding Cindy and together they can forge a great team.

Are you on Team Cindy too?

If you haven't seen this episode of Producer yet, check it out below:

~ NancyZdramaland