Kim Soo Hyun won Grand Prize (Daesang) at the 2015 Korea Drama Awards on Friday, October 8. Although he was all smiles at the red carpet, he could not hold back his tears and cried for more than 2 minutes on stage. Take a look at his emotional acceptance in this English subbed video. 

He won the Grand Prize for his performance as a rookie producer in the acclaimed drama series Producer. It is his second time winning the top honor, following last year's win for My Love From Another Star.

As he got on stage to accept the award, he was visibly emotional. Once he started to speak, the tears started flowing. Many fans even shouted, "Don't cry!" to show their support and encouragement.

Thanks to a fan-made video, you can watch it with English subtitles. His acceptance begins at 01:31.

Aren't you touched by his raw emotions and tears?

It was especially touching when he thanked his mother, father, and aunt.

He reflected on playing a rookie TV show producer (via another translation):

“Playing the role of Baek Seung Chan, a new employee, was a chance to think about those who act with their beginnings in mind. I’ll take that mentality and that energy into my next project.”

Kim Soo Hyun emerged the winner from a circle of fantastic actors including Joo Won (Yong Pal), Ji Sung (Kill Me, Heal Me), Cha Seung Won (Hwajung), and Yoo Dong Geun (What Happens with My Family). However, some fans are upset that Ji Sung did not win for an extraordinary performance in playing a man with 7 multiple personalities in Kill Me, Heal Me

Kim Soo Hyun also won the Hallyu Star Award, along with Chanyeol (EXO Next Door).


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