Almost every non-native English speaker who I talk to tells me that English is one of the hardest languages to learn, and I can totally understand why. The English language is filled with strange colloquialisms, double meanings, and non-literal pronunciations.

So I totally empathize with anyone learning the language, especially since I took eight years of Spanish and barely remember how to say "hola." The good people at the Asian Boss Youtube channel recently took to the streets to ask Japanese and South Korean people about the difficulties of speaking English in their respective countries.

The people being interviewed eloquently break down what learning English is like in South Korean and Japanese schools, how it's then used in everyday situations, and why it often doesn't translate to real life. One of the interviewees in South Korea makes a really great point that often people are scared to speak English because there's a lot of pressure to say things perfectly, so they just choose not to speak it.