Anyone who has tried playing the game Five Nights at Freddy's knows that it's an experience full of constant dread as you wait with anticipation for that moment when horrifying animatronic animals pop out at you. A recent YouTube video from TerrySongTV brought the terror of the game to some unsuspecting Korean girls who tried playing for the first time. Watch to see how they reacted!

I think I have to agree with the girl who said she doesn't want to die of a heart attack by playing again!

If you're wondering how Korean guys would respond to Five Nights at Freddy's, there's also a video of their reactions:

What did you think? Would you be able to keep your cool while playing? If you want to see more videos of Koreans and Americans reacting to pop culture, you can check out the TerrySongTV channel on YouTube.

Are you a fan of horror? Check out the quirky and terrifying film Monster (for mature audiences only):


Monster (2014)

Starring Kim Go Eun and Lee Min Ki

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