Have you ever wondered what would happen if your boyfriend tried to do your makeup? Korean YouTube channel Piki Pictures released a series of funny videos where boyfriends helped their girlfriends with their typical beauty routines, each with varying degrees of success and failure. While the videos aren’t subtitled in English, the humor is still clearly evident as the guys struggle at helping their girlfriends with their hair, makeup, and even nails.

At the start of each video, the boyfriend is shown a photo of a celebrity whose look he needs to try and recreate on his girlfriend. But before they can make their girlfriends look like CL or IU, they first need to figure out key steps, like how to use an eyeliner pencil and that a hair tie needs to be wrapped around a ponytail at least more than once.

Check out the hilarious videos below!




Pretty funny, right? Which video do you like the most? Share your favorite moments below!

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