Better known as Pony, Park Hye Min is a makeup icon. With over 1.7 million followers on Instagram, 4 books under her belt, and her own line of cosmetics, she still has the time to be the makeup artist for 2NE1's CL. Just a few days ago, she posted a video on YouTube that shows just how talented she is, taking viewers through a magical transformation that ends up with her turning into Taylor Swift.

As a male, I know absolutely nothing about makeup, but watching Pony's makeup skills made me realize how much of an art it really is. Starting out with no makeup on her face, Pony starts off by hydrating her skin with a product called Hydra Veil. What's cool about this video is that it's not just a platform for her to have fun and show off her skills. Step by step, Pony shows viewers what specific products she uses to get her looks and then goes on to apply those products to her face. Of course, just watching the tutorial will not turn you into a makeup superstar overnight, but it is sure to help anyone who has an interest in makeup. For a makeup idiot like myself, it was fascinating to watch her go to work, drawing lines all over her face with formulas and techniques I never even knew existed. 

Pony is known for her constantly changing looks, and so for her, turning into Taylor Swift is no big deal. But the video certainly does show how incredibly talented she is, and it proves once and for all that she is truly one of the world's most talented makeup artists.