Ttongsul, or Korean rice wine mixed with feces, is a centuries-old medicine that sounds like an urban legend. A recent report from Vice International, however, discovered one of the last known makers of the Korean "poo wine." 

Drinking wine mixed with feces may sound like a disgusting story that kids tell on the playground, but it's not. According to Dr. Lee Chang Soo, Ttongsul was used centuries ago as a treatment for injuries. The wine would initially dull the pain, and the feces would help make the healing process go faster. The doctor says almost jokingly that once peasants stopped doing things like getting beaten with sticks and falling out of trees on a regular basis, the need for the medicine declined, and it is almost completely gone now. 

As part of the video, the reporter also visited the world's first toilet museum, just outside of Seoul, to learn more about the cultural significance of feces in Korean history. It's important to note, though, that although feces were commonly used in medicine in Korea\'s past, most Koreans have never even heard of poop wine today, so it's not like you can just pick it up at the neighborhood pharmacy.

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Dr. Lee Chang Soo makes the wine using the fermented feces of a child who is usually 4 to 7 years old, claiming that at that age, the feces don't smell. The poop has been treated for ringworm or parasites ahead of time to ensure that it are clean. During the fermentation process, the feces become safe to drink for medicinal purposes.

You can learn more about the gag-inducing, yet fascinating, medicine in the video below.

Would you try this "poo wine" medicine if you had the chance?