Kyoto is Japan's ancient imperial capital, having held that status for over 1000 years. With its more than 2000 religious structures, it is known as "The City of 10,000 Shrines," but this new underground bicycle parking garage under Kyoto Station is a true sign of the city's innovative modernization.

The Japanese are used to making the most out of small spaces, whether it's in designing and utilizing tiny apartments or, as seen by some innovative urban planners in Kyoto, creating a new and pioneering underground bicycle parking garage. Because of its relative flatness, Kyoto is ideal for bicycling. But with so many bike riders in the metropolis of over a million, the city had to come up with a garage where commuters could park their rides near the station, all the while preserving the aesthetic of the historic city. An open garage was out of the question, so planners designed a super hi-tech underground parking garage, and when you watch it in action, it's quite impressive and very futuristic. Not only are the workings of the garage cool, all a rider has to do to park or retrieve his or her ride is to hold his or her registration card up to a scanner, and within 15 seconds, their bicycles will either be parked or in their possession. 

The city of Kyoto may be known for its rich past, but it has the most futuristic underground bicycle parking garage in the world.

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