Scott Young and Vat Jaiswal recently completed The Year Without English Project, where they lived in various countries over the course of a year, trying to learn the native language while speaking virtually no English. As their final stop, they spent 12 weeks immersed in the Korean language, and they decided to document their language-learning adventures with a fun K-pop video.

For the Year Without English, the two friends lived in Spain, Brazil, China, and South Korea for roughly three months each. They studied a little bit of the language ahead of time, but not very much. They then had to survive speaking almost no English, not even to each other. The only exceptions to the no-English rule were work-related phone calls, calling family members, and absolute emergencies (customs, police, etc.). See how they fared in Korea in the K-pop style video below:

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Did you enjoy the video? I would love to do a project like this, especially with Korean! You can learn more about the fascinating project and their results in other countries at Scott Young's blog.