During Lee Hong Ki’s first solo concert in Taipei, his fans gave him a beautiful and unforgettable gift. Before the show started, fans handed out a small cardboard star to each audience member to use during the show. Towards the end of the night when Hong Ki sang the song "Orange Sky," everyone held up the stars, using the flashlight on their phones to light up the audience. The effect was truly magical!

 Hong Ki was immensely surprised and moved by his fans’ gesture, even taking out his phone to record the audience while he continued to sing. Hong Ki, who sometimes goes by the nickname Hongstar, continued to express in thanks to his thoughtful fans throughout the rest of the concert. 

Check out a video of the clever star lights below!

In addition, you can also see the stars during Hong Ki's performance of his new song "Insensible" here!

Pretty cool, right? Do you wish you could see Hong Ki live in concert? Share your thoughts below!

Watch Lee Hong Ki in Modern Farmer:

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