FT Island's Lee Hong Ki recently took the stage on the popular MBC variety show King of Mask Singer. On this show, contestants compete while wearing elaborate masks to hide their identities. Hong Ki used the stage name "Hot and Cold Bat Human" and performed a wonderful rendition of "Love Sick" by Jo Jang Hyuk, impressing both the judges and the audience. Even though his face was covered, his unique voice had many people guessing his identity long before be took off his mask.

Check out his awesome performance below!

Unfortunately, Hong Ki was eliminated by the contestant nicknamed “The Pine Tree on Top of Namsam" after losing by three votes. Nevertheless, he is receiving lots of praise for this soulful and inspiring performance. 

After his elimination, Hong Ki said, “I should have changed up my singing style and sang. I knew this would happen. Everyone knew it was me.”

Could you tell it was Hong Ki by just listening to his voice? What did you think of this performance? Please share your thoughts below! If you're a Hong Ki fan, check out his series Modern Farmer:

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