Lee Min Ho was one of the top winners at the 2015 Seoul International Drama Awards on September 10.  He received the 10th Anniversary Korean Wave Contribution Award along with actress Lee Young Ae and director Lee Byung Hoon. He also received the Mango Popularity Award along with actress Choo Ja Hyun and singer The One. Find out more about the significance of the awards and watch the videos to see what our perfect man said.

It is truly significant that  Lee Min Ho won the 10th Anniversary Korean Wave Contribution Award. His win puts him on the same stage as Lee Young Ae, the star of the hugely popular Jewel in the Palace (aka Dae Jang Geum) that swept Asia in 2013 and ushered in a surging demand for Korean dramas. Lee Byung Hoon is the director for Jewel in the Palace as well as other stellar Korean historical dramas such as Yi San and Dong Yi. Later in 2009, Lee Min Ho started a new tidal wave with Boys Over Flowers. These three individuals are rightfully acknowledged for their contribution to the Korean wave. 

Here is the video of their acceptance of the Korean Wave Contribution awards. (You can watch the announcement starting from time mark 1:36.)

Lee Min Ho said the following: (from time mark: 2:34)

"In receiving this honor along with the sunbaes, my head feels blank. (He touched his head.) I think I can win this award because I'm living in a great time to be an actor, and I have to thank the sunbaes (seniors or elders in the same profession). I've never had the chance before to thank the sunbaes, and I would like to use this opportunity to show my gratitude and say thanks. (He bowed to Lee Young Ae and Lee Byung.)"

He continued:

"It's been 2 years since my last TV drama and my fans expect me in a new drama soon. I want to film another drama too and am working hard at finding a suitable script. I hope to bring my new work and meet you again here next year. I'm truly honored and grateful to receive the award here. Thank you."

(Wasn't Lee Min Ho so polite and humble to bow to Lee Young Ae and Lee Byung Hoon? I think he actually looked a bit shy and certainly amazed to share the stage with the sunbaes.)

The Mango Popularity Award, sponsored by China's Mango TV, acknowledges the extreme popularity of Korean stars in China. Along with Lee Min Ho, Korean actress Choo Ja Hyun and singer The One have found great success among Chinese audiences. The Mango award was presented by Li Yongjie from Mango TV and Taeyeon of Girls' Generation. Li pointed out that Mango TV was live broadcasting the Seoul International Drama Awards to let Chinese audience members see such an important international event first hand.

Here is the video where you can see Lee Min Ho and the other stars accept the Mango Popularity Awards.

Lee Min Ho: (from time mark 2:07)

"Hello everyone, I am Lee Min Ho. Whenever I come to an award ceremony, there are always a lot of supporting fans. I hope to repay your love, and I will keep on working diligently. Thank you for giving me this award. Xie Xie (Thank you in Chinese.) Kamsamnida (Thank you in Korean.)"

Korean actress Choo Ja Hyun's acceptance speech is really touching. She said never dreamed that she would become famous in another country, China, and then return to Korea to receive this award. She also added, speaking in Chinese, that she felt that it would have been impossible for her success today without the encouragement and support from her Chinese fans and acting colleagues. "See you back in China," said the visibly emotional actress.

Korean singer The One (Jeong Soon Won) thanked the Seoul International Drama Awards and his co-workers. He also spoke in Chinese: "I'm very honored to receive this award, and I will work even harder." 

Congratulations to all the winners!

In case you didn't know already,  Lee Min Ho's current new project is the Bounty Hunters movie. Lee Young Ae is also starring with Song Seung Hun in the drama series Saimdang, the Herstory.

Watch the incredible true story of Niijima Yae, a skilled markswoman who earned the nickname “Bakumatsu Joan of Arc” for her heroism during the Bohin War, in Yae’s Sakura:

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