Watch Lee Min Ho jump up and catch a sparkling wave for the new Pepsi Sparkling Vitamin Drink. Also, he talks about why he likes the new drink in a second video.

Our perfect man from Boys Over Flowers shows off his athletic moves:

Here is a video where Lee Min Ho explains why he decided to promote the new Pepsi drink. Since he speaks Korean, I'll have the translation following the video.

Hello everyone, I am Lee Min Ho. 

Hello, friends of Pepsi.

Pepsi is a famous international company. I'm very happy that I can make the commercial for Pepsi's Sparkling Vitamin Drink. I hope there will be more opportunities to work together.

Pepsi "Wei Dong Li" is a sparkling vitamin drink. It will fill you with vital energy so that you're ready to exert new force any time.

Pepsi and I have the same positive attitude toward life. I'm very happy to work with Pepsi Sparkling Vitamin Drink.

Even though I just got to know this drink for the commercial, I feel that the bottle is easy to hold.

I can see bubbles just by looking at it. It tastes light, just a little sweet, and very nice.

Everyone should try this great and unique beverage.

Wei Dong Li. All new energy. Pepsi.

The new drink is sold in China. Is it available anywhere else? Doesn't Lee Min Ho look cute, as always?

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~ NancyZdramaland