Lee Min Ho was in a playful mood at his RE:MINHO 2014 Tour concert in Shanghai. The hat-wearing hottie delighted the crowd by doing the hula hoop. How long did he last? Check out the photos and videos in the article. For comparison, I found the hula hoop performance from two of his Heirs co-stars. Guess who!

At the Benz Arena in Shanghai, China on November 22, fans screamed in excitement when Lee Min Ho attempted the hula hoop. 

Here's the video:

The MC commented, "That doesn't seem so good."

Lee Min Ho tried again:

He was not bad but not great either at the hula hoop. The fans still adored it, nonetheless.

Watch Lee Min Ho and his costars in Heirs:

Now let's compare with his Heirs co-star, Park Shin Hye's, hula hoop performance:

I'd have to admit that Park Shin Hye did a better job. Maybe Lee Min Ho needs to get a lesson from Park Shin Hye?

I'm not done yet. Here's Kim Woo Bin's hula hoop:

That was a good performance from Kim Woo Bin, but I think Park Shin Hye is the winner among the three.

Well, that's was fun! Wasn't it?  And, doesn't he look cute with the floppy hat?

Thanks to the fans whose photos and videos are used in this article. (credit as tagged)