Recently Lee Min Ho was forced to change filming locations when a huge Chinese crowd showed up to watch. It turned out that the commercial was for 11street, Malaysia's largest online mall. Titled Love At First Sight, the 3-part commercial has a very cute and romantic story starring Lee Min Ho and Malaysian actress Emily Chan.

The cute little romance actually has 3 parts, each in a short video.

Part 1: Love at First Sight 

This one is actually quite funny because the girl (Emily Chan) sees this handsome man (Lee Min Ho) approach, and she mistakenly thinks he came for her...

Part 2: We Meet Again

We see Lee Min Ho sitting alone at a cafe. He appears to be flustered with online shopping. The same girl notices him and comes over to help.

Part 3: The Pursuit

Lee Min Ho returns to the cafe with a bouquet of flowers. He's looking around but doesn't see the girl. He becomes anxious. Will he be able to find her?

There isn't much dialogue in the 3-part romance, but the adorable story is very easy to follow.

Lee Min Ho definitely cuts a handsome and dashing figure in the cute little drama, and he has great chemistry with Malaysian actress Emily Chan. No wonder 11street selected him as its brand ambassador. 

This got me to wonder: Do you think Lee Min Ho shops online in real life? And for whom?

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~ NancyZdramaland