We have finally arrived at Episode 3, the final episode of Lee Min Ho's 'Line Romance,' but what's an Asian romance without some dramatic moments such as an accidental misunderstanding leading to the leads' separation? What happened? Will they ever meet again? Please watch.

Make sure that if you haven't watched Episode 1 and Episode 2, you do that first!

Sigh! If there is anyone cuter than Lee Min Ho in a tux, it's Lee Min Ho in a tux playing at a crystal grand piano.

I'm also wondering if he really played the song as there were several close-ups that showed his fingers. And the song seemed easy enough for a non-professional pianist to play.

Although this is a micro-drama promoting LINE, I hope it's been an enjoyable series for you too. Maybe there'll be a season 2? Lee Min Ho is known to be filming only Gangnam Blue this year, so there may not be another romantic drama from him for the rest of 2014.