We all know that Lee Min Ho is a pro at making some pretty killer faces, but have you ever wondered what he does to look so good in all his modeling shots? Let's take a look at what goes on behind the scenes of one of his most recent photo shoots with Jung Hye In for Eider's Outdoor Collection. Make sure to watch for his short interview at the end!


"Hello everyone, this is Lee Min Ho.

It's been a while. I'm finally greeting you again now that the season has changed. I hope everyone's been doing well.


It's an outdoor brand, right? So people tend to think of it as a brand to wear when hiking or doing other high-energy activities.

But Eider actually has a lot of casual clothing you can wear everyday, and the design is very modern and stylish. So the outdoors fan base is diversifying and more and more people are wearing it.

Everyone, winter is getting closer and closer.
I hope that with Eider, you stay happy and healthy.

Thank you."

How cute is he?!