Now we know why OSIM signed Lee Min Ho as their new ambassador. The timing is perfect to have the perfect man sing the Happy Birthday song to celebrate OSIM's 35th anniversary, and his adoring fans got to sing with him too. We have the cute and happy video to share with you.

The occasion was "An Unforgettable Moment with Lee Min Ho and OSIM's uDiva" on September 28. See candid photos from the event here.

Lee Min Ho was so nice in agreeing to sing the happy birthday song. Can you tell if he knew he was going to be asked? 

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Aww... I'm going to watch it again already. Did you like it too?

Lee Min Ho has said that he likes chocolate dessert. I hope the cake was chocolate.

Whether it's your birthday or not, have a great Happy Day!

(photo hallyusg)