Lee Min Ho recently posed in a tub for the September issue of Esquire Magazine. He's laying barefoot, in a pair of suit pants with a fur trimmed coat, in an old fashioned tub next to a table of men's facial and shaving products.

I love guys in fur, I really do. I literally freak out if one of my favorite actors or idols is running around in fur, but even I can't tolerate this photo. Maybe it's because the color of this particular fur matches the nasty caked on grime coated around the edge of that tub that's making me dry heave.

Look, it’s one thing to sit in a tub with your legs open, wearing fur, and resting your head on a golden pillow if the tub were CLEAN! But this is like one of those tubs you'd find in the back yard of some mutant serial killer person who plays a banjo and makes moonshine out of the bath water that was left behind in THAT DIRTY TUB.

But I mean, he still looks hot in a classy, dirty kind of way.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE