The first two episodes of Bubblegum, staring Lee Dong Wook (Scent of a Woman), Jung Ryeo Won (History of a Salaryman), Lee Jong Hyuk (Dating Agency: Cyrano), and Park Hee Bon (The Master's Sun), are out, and if you haven't already fallen in love with this stellar cast, their adorable behind-the-scenes videos will do the trick! Be prepared to fall hard!


How cute is their idea to pass out coffee and bubblegum? I love the playful banter between Lee Jong Hyuk and Park Hee Bon and the funny rivalry between Lee Song Wook and Jung Ryeo Won!  I'm not sure, but I hope the ratings broke three percent. I'll be on the lookout for coverage of them making good on their promise! 


Wasn't it so adorable to see Lee Dong Wook playing with his younger self?! 


It looks like the fact that Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo Won have worked together before is really helping them feel comfortable working with each other, which only raises their natural chemistry and makes the set a really fun place to be! 

So far, Bubblegum has proven to be a more mature, slice-of-life type of drama that you will like if you love K-dramas like It's Okay, That's Love. Catch up on the first episode below: