What's Lego Lee doing with that big box? Lego Lee, star of Taiwanese drama In a Good Way, has risen to idol status with the increasing popularity of the drama series. With his 28th birthday coming up on January 22nd, he decided to invite 100 fans to an early birthday party on January 19th, but 7,000 fans registered for the event. Will Lego overcome his fear of crowds and sing a song to his fans? (We have the video.)

After personally drawing the 100 lucky names from a box full of sweepstakes tickets, he says when he becomes more rich and famous he will invite all 7,000 fans. (Lego, do you realize when that time comes, there will be a lot more than 7,000 fans who want to celebrate your birthday with you?)

Lego also admits to having a fear of big crowds. He says having 100 fans is already reaching his maximum tolerance. When he is in a huge crowd, he could be so fearful that he shakes all over. He can also be so reclusive that he's stayed home three days in a stretch.

With that said, Lego showed no fear on the day of his party despite the screaming fans and glaring flashes. He even sang. He previously promised that when his Facebook fans numbered over 200,000, he would write and sing a song. He delivered a song named "In A Good Way" that he wrote in two days, along with three other songs, while playing the guitar. He actually has over 287,000 fans already.

He thanked his fans' support and enthusiasm, and also conducted a personal Q&A session, interacting warmly with his fans. After one fan was allowed to touch his abs, she exclaimed, "So hard!"

Lego's character, Liu Chuan, falls for Jia En in the drama, and fans and media outlets have been very curious about the relationship between Lego and Kirsten Ren who plays Jia En. They have certainly appeared to be very warm and friendly toward each other in public. Lego says that his rising fame has made him afraid to go public with any relationship, and he will stay very private if and when he falls in love. On the other hand, he's been acting for 8 years and this instant fame doesn't make him arrogant because he's experienced the many ups and downs in the entertainment business.

For 2014, Lego's birthday wish is to accumulate more experience and make money to take care of those who are close to him. In the meantime, I hope he gets enough rest after interacting with 100 excited fans to continue his college life in In A Good Way.