A little 20-pound French bulldog from Monrovia, California, turned into a wolverine to protect her and her owner's property from three hungry black bears, and her superhero actions were all captured on the house's surveillance camera. 

Monrovia is located in Los Angeles County, right in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Recently, due to the intense forest fires that have plagued the surrounding areas, black bears have been coming down to where humans live in search of food. David Hernandez, the proud owner of Jules, says bear sightings are not that uncommon these days. He says some neighbors even leave out food for the bears, and one woman prepares and leaves meatloaf out for them! 

No wonder these hungry bears keep coming around. But thanks to Jules, they'll probably skip looking for food on David's property. Beware of Dog, no matter what the size!

Don't mess with Jules.

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