When locals arrived at a shopping mall in Long Island for another day of shopping, none of them had a clue what was in store for them . So when they walked past some mysterious windows at a magic shop and saw their favorite Disney characters shadowing them, they naturally felt joyfully surprised.

Disney Side, a new ad campaign for Disney Parks, was brought to the Westfield Sunrise Center in Massapequa, Long Island just for the day, and it definitely brought magic to those lucky enough to be at the mall that day. As unsuspecting shoppers walked by the Umbra Penumbra Magic Shop, shadows of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and even Anna and Elsa would appear behind some opaque windows, following the shoppers until they would realize what was happening. As you can imagine, many shoppers both young and old couldn't help but interact joyfully with their own shadows, who were just for that moment also their favorite Disney characters. Some people danced with their shadows and others waved at them, while little kids approached theirs  with caution and wonder. After the stunt was over, the windows were opened, when to the delight of all around, Mickey and friends all came out to share a special moment with everyone. As can be seen in the video below, it was just happiness all around.

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By the way, "Umbra Penumbra" refers to two distinct parts of a shadow. And for one day only at a mall in Long Island, Disney magic was one of the parts.